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SEO Services

SEO, or Search engine optimization, is where you improve key elements of your website that are seen by search engines. The Design Foundry can help you optimize your website to improve your website’s traffic.

Search engine optimization helps make your website attractive to search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. By producing a consistently high-ranking site in the “organic” (also called “natural” or “algorithmic”) search results produced by search engines, your website can produce sales leads that help your sales teams spend their time with prospects that are a much closer fit to your business goals.

The problem with many websites is that they’ve been designed to look attractive – especially when you visit a site’s “home page”. But the problem with this strategy is that without your site being optimized for content, it not only may not show up in the first page of somebody’s search – it might not show up at all. And, thanks to the search algorithms (which change frequently) – what Google decides is the most relevant content for someone’s search may not actually be what’s on your home page!

The Design Foundry provides customized search optimization strategies and tactics to clients. We take your existing site, and optimize each page for titles, descriptions, and keywords. We also work with you to optimize your on-page content to make sure that it’s not only searchable, but also still makes sense to your clients. We can also optimize your site’s navigation structure to also help make it more visible to search engines.

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