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Web Designs from The Design Foundry – Expanding on your company’s brand messaging.

Thanks to the incredible growth of the Web, your website may very well be the first place your next customer will learn about your company, what you do, and why you should be their choice.

Unfortunately, there are quite a few “bad” websites out there. Navigation that’s hard to wade through. Content that is out of date. Fonts, images, and graphic elements that distract from the content that the viewer needs to make you their choice. We’ve all experienced it. Those are the sites that we never go back to.

The Design Foundry provides web design services that can help keep your website from being one of those “bad” websites. We provide designs that not only reinforce your brand messaging, our designs can enhance it as well. Not only can we provide static HTML websites, we also can provide clients with content management systems (CMS) that can be client-maintained – helping you keep your website content not only current – but also allowing you to make sure that you can always meet & exceed your customer’s desire to always have information that helps them to make you their choice to do business with.

The Design Foundry also can design & build blogging solutions that help you not only maintain & grow your ability to communicate with your customers, we can incorporate designs that keep your customer within your website, improving customer conversions and sales.

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