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Video Production

Improve the searchability of your website & blog with video. The Design Foundry can help you with video production.

A key component of social media is video. With the advent of services such as YouTube, Facebook and MySpace, interactive video has become an important way of not only providing an interactive way for your customers to interact with your branding, but an additional way to drive customers to your website.

By engaging your customer with video on social networking sites, you’re better able to communicate with your target market, and while acting as a portal to other content, drive traffic to products or services on your site.

Additionally, videos can provide useful and informative information about your products or services. By offering content such as a how-to videos or step-by-step procedures, you offer your target audience an authoritative figure on a subject in which they have interest. Video also helps you to differentiate your products and services from your competition, helping to create accurate perceptions of not only your brand, but what your brand represents.

The Design Foundry can help you create videos that will engage your target audience with content is not only relevant to your target customers, but also content that they can share with their friends & colleagues. This form of viral marketing can help your business achieve higher standards in web traffic, sales and information technology.

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