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Graphic Design

Unique Graphic Design Solutions from The Design Foundry can help your customers remember you – improving customer loyalty and your profits.

Design is what makes your brand unique. It’s what helps you stand apart – and above – your competition. It’s what your customers remember. They amplify what makes your brand unique. They make your brand visible, memorable, even loved.

Design should be simple. Visual imagery builds a sensory experience with the viewer – and that imagery should be something that imprints itself in the viewer’s mind. It should communicate clearly and cleanly what your brand is.

Design is profitable. In a recent study, it was found that Apple now owns the “over $1000” laptop market. By employing creative and impactful design throughout their organization’s branding philosophy, they’ve elevated their brand above their competition – they’ve created fanatically loyal customers that stay with them. And, while prices – and profits per sale – in the PC market have been dropping, Apple’s profitability – and share price – have risen.

The Design Foundry provides graphic design services that help companies differentiate themselves. Starting with logo designs that capture “who” your brand is, we then expand that via website designs, collateral materials, company brochures, signage and presentation materials that reinforce your brand’s message.

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