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Creative Services from The Design Foundry

The Design Foundry’s creative services – graphic design, fine art, photography, and creative writing services help businesses simplify and focus their company communications.

Whether it’s a company logo, website design, product package, or sales collateral, many companies feel that “art is irrelevant”. To one degree, they may be correct – to a point. Aesthetic branding cannot correct bad customer service, a substandard product, or a bad marketing plan. But, outside of those issues – when a consumer is given a choice between two different items with the same attributes they look for, the choice changes from “logic” to “emotion” – and having branding that has an emotional impact on the consumer makes the difference between them choosing your product / service over your competitor’s offerings.

The Design Foundry helps companies differentiate themselves from their competitors via the concept of “aesthetic marketing” – a.k.a. “Experiential Marketing”. And, our services reflect our thinking that by providing an improved sensory experience with your branding, your customers will remember you – increasing customer loyalty to your brand. Our design services include:

    Graphic Art & Design Services – The Design Foundry provides graphic design services that help companies differentiate themselves, helping to reinforce your brand’s message.

    Fine Art – The Design Foundry does more than just graphic art. Fine Art is available for special order as Giclee prints.

    Photography Services – Design is about visual communication. The Design Foundry’s services also include custom photography via our sister company, Pono Images.

    Video Production – Improve the searchability of your website & blog with video. The Design Foundry can help you create videos that will engage your target audience with content that helps reinforce your branding.

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